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Whether you have a traumatic foot injury or a bothersome deformity, foot surgery could preserve your ability to walk and relieve your foot pain. At Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics in Hoffman Estates, Arlington Heights, and the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, the team of board-certified podiatrists Khalid Husain, DPM, Gene Choi, DPM, Jennifer Kirchens, DPM, and Christina Sarantopoulos, DPM, use a wide range of surgical techniques to treat foot pain and immobility. Many of the team members are leading educators in the field of foot surgery and can explain your procedure in great detail. To find out if you need foot surgery, call Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics or book an appointment online today.

Foot Surgery Q & A

What is foot surgery?

Foot surgery isn’t just one specific procedure. Your feet contain many bones, ligaments, tendons, and other structures that keep them functioning and moving efficiently. If you have severe or long-lasting foot pain from an injury or chronic condition, the team at Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics may consider foot surgery to treat it. 

During foot surgery, one of the board-certified foot surgeons at Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics makes an incision in your foot near the injury. Through the incision, they repair or rearrange tendons, ligaments, and muscles. In some cases, they must remove bone or tissue to restore your foot’s shape or structure. While surgery isn’t always preferable, it can be the only effective treatment for some conditions. 

When is foot surgery necessary?

The team at Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics offers many kinds of foot surgery to target and treat your specific injury or condition. They typically start with more conservative treatment measures and work their way up to surgical options. You might need foot surgery to treat:

  • Bunions
  • Neuromas
  • Hammertoe
  • Heel spurs
  • Foot fractures
  • Tendon injuries

Surgical repair focuses on relieving your pain and maximizing your mobility once your foot heals. Your podiatrist explains exactly how foot surgery will ease your symptoms and the method of surgery they plan to use. 

What is the recovery period like after foot surgery?

At Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics, the team aims to minimize your recovery time after foot surgery to allow you to quickly return to your normal activities. Still, most foot surgeries require some downtime because walking is difficult as your foot heals. Your instructions during the recovery period may include:

  • Keeping your foot elevated
  • Resting for a week or longer
  • Dropping or pausing your smoking habit
  • Taking medications as directed
  • Keeping your bandages dry
  • Visiting the clinic for your cast or bandage removal

Recovery times for foot surgeries vary depending on what kind of surgery you need, your age, and other factors. The team helps you understand exactly what to expect after your surgery and how long it will take for you to resume your job and leisure activities. 

To find out if foot surgery is necessary for your treatment, call Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics or book an appointment online today.

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