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If you feel a crunch in your foot after you drop something on it, fall down, or even take a simple step, you’ll likely feel severe pain shortly after. These are signs of a foot fracture, and the team of experts at Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics in Hoffman Estates, Arlington Heights, and the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, can help relieve the pain and promote healing in your foot with innovative treatments. To book an evaluation for a possible foot fracture with Khalid Husain, DPM, Gene Choi, DPM, Jennifer Kirchens, DPM, or Christina Sarantopoulos, DPM, call Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics or use the online scheduling tool today.

Foot Fracture Q & A

What is a foot fracture?

Foot fractures are breaks in the bones of your feet. They can be highly painful, especially because it’s hard to keep pressure off your feet entirely. Foot fractures range in severity from small hairline cracks to complete crush injuries.

Foot fractures are common injuries simply because you use your feet a lot. They’re typically the result of traumatic injuries like car crashes, dropping something heavy on your foot, falling from a position of height, or simply walking around and using your feet too much. 

How can I tell if I have a foot fracture?

Foot fractures cause considerable pain, especially when you put pressure on your foot by standing up or taking steps. A fractured bone in your foot can cause:

  • Throbbing pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • A snap or grinding noise at the moment of impact
  • Trouble moving your foot or toes
  • Faintness or nausea right after the injury happens

You should make an appointment at Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics right away if you think you have a foot fracture. Attempting to use your foot can worsen the injury, so you should keep your weight off the injured foot and allow someone else to drive you to the clinic. Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics offers same-day appointments for traumatic injuries like foot fractures to improve your chances of a full recovery.

How are foot fractures treated?

The team at Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics includes experts in trauma care who evaluate your fracture promptly before starting treatment. They use innovative imaging techniques like X-rays to view the bones and see the extent of your fracture before choosing your treatment. They use the latest surgical and nonsurgical techniques to repair the bone in your foot and help you ease back into walking comfortably. 

Your treatment course for a foot fracture may include:

Immobilization devices

Keeping your foot immobile helps encourage the bone to heal properly. The team may give you a removable brace or boot to wear as the injury heals. 


Since foot fractures are often extremely painful, the team may recommend or prescribe medications to relieve pain and swelling.


Some severe foot fractures require surgery to help them heal. The team at Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics may place screws or pins into the bones to help them fuse back together. 

Whether your foot fracture is minor or severe, the experts at Midwest Foot and Ankle Clinics are equipped to help. If you fracture your foot, call your nearest location or book an appointment online right away. 

Notes: Discuss trauma-- same day appts. experts in trauma care. surgical and nonsurgical options. using the latest techniques